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How to you identify whether the match is fixed?

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1. ) Observing the competition process, if a team 10 points, mainly fixed-minute game. Its mark in the most unimaginable, such as in 30 seconds or 3 minutes is a common sign.

2. ) Should be two players in the team speed. Defeated is often slower than other teams. Another bright spot is a fixed team win, they will strive to achieve the strength of his ball and a fixed loss (in this note also mentioned the team to the ball, but you can not make up Albania) will be absent, even in front of inches. Sometimes even increase will lose the next one team, the goal itself is still very confusing defensive team shows its best efforts to prevent the strikers attack.

3. ) Not all the players are great actors pay close attention to your body language will show a great suffering, while the disappearance of clear lenses, but their eyes and secretly laughing away some of them even in control of their own facial expressions are sometimes difficult to study will be unconscious, and then their eyes quickly the camera.

4. ), The coach decided to cancel the odds from a good team player of the few key players. Consider this, why coaches removed, in particular, is a key striker, just scored the decisive goal, and try to defend itself to the 50 early or 60 minutes a ball a good leader.

5. ) Partial refeering decision. Goals Legimate claiming offside, or because there is no clear punishment are common signs of foul is given. Unessary sad team do not deserve.

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